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                                                                     Cancellation Policy

We as Validated Movers LLC understand that things may come up from time to time so you may need to reschedule or cancel outright.Small businesses have expenses associated with last-minute

cancellations.Paid wages,lost opportunities and fuel are some of these issues.Because of this we 

require a deposit to reserve your place on our calender and your deposit is deducted from your overall cost at the time of billing/completion of service.If you fail to cancel within 48 hours prior to your scheduled date you automatically forfeit your deposit.


           If you feel like you are elgible for a refund these are situations that may get you there: 

  •     Unjustified late arrival (not to include traffic congestion or an accident along the route

  •     Damaged or missing items (we request all firearms,ammo,wallets,jewelry,cash and credit             cards be secured prior to the movers arrival)

  •     Unacceptable behavior from any of our movers

  •     Failure to provide agreed upon SPECIFIC services

 Review Your Contract Before Signing


 LPlease take note of sections so you will be familiar with our procedures before initialing and signing.


A deposit is required for each move.After an opportunity converts to a booked job and is added on our calender a deposit is then required at that moment for the agreed date.The amount of the deposit will depend on the circumstances of the job to include if it is local,long-

distance or a commercial move.Deposits are fully refundable as long as the notice is not within 48 hours before the actual moving date.


 We bend our backs for our customers so we understand that sometimes  your date may just will not work later.Give us advanced notice and if possible we will try to accomodate you on our calender as much as possible depending on timing and crew availability.

Damaged Goods

Validated Movers LLC will not be responsible for glass or fragile items (dishes,glass,marble etc.)

being improperly packed without PEANUTS, BUBBLE WRAP AND PACKING PAPER resulting in internal damages to aforementioned goods.Boxes that you pack are referred

to as PBO or packed by owner .We have an expectation that goods are placed the correct way in the box which we cant see.Upon entry of the home we do a walk-through and inspect items to be moved and if it bears pre-existing damage at that time we will notify you. If you are not around for some reason we will take photos and make you aware as soon as possible.If we cause any damage,we can settle at that time or you have a right to file a claim with our insurance company.

"No Show" Policy

Once you pay your deposit,we know you expect your professional movers to be on time and we expect our customers to be at the location(s).If our movers do not show up or communicate with you in a timely manner we will make it right with you.

Late Notice Cancellations

Moves that are cancelled by a customer after 6:00 PM a day prior to the scheduled moving date are subjected to a minimum of 2 hours service charge.Our staff works until 6 PM and we open @ 8:00 AM so dispatch is done by that time for the next day.

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