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Loading this truck to the very end........Validated Movers LLC
We pickup and delivery large items from the store too BOOK with us.
Heavy and wide coffee table wrapped from top to bottom
This load going to Chicago.Tight load for no shifting giving customers peace of mind......Validated Movers LLC
If your furniture is properly can stage outside to be loaded granted if the weather is good.
Boxes in garage loaded onsite
Chairs blanket and shrink wrapped Validated Movers LLC
Jewelry Armoire wrap
Cannon 600 lb safe.......moved to garage Validated Movers LLC
About to load the vaults.Customers items going into long term storage
Black shrink on items for your move going in storage......Validated Movers LLC
Truck clean and ready for your move
Armoire,dresser and chester drawers wrapped from top to bottom......Validated Movers LLC
Wrapping chairs during your move before the go into the wooden vaults
Wrap your recliner if it is going in storage.....Validated Movers LLC
Neoprene runners on floors.....Validated Movers LLC
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