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Need some muscle? Validated Movers LLC is your best option.We specialize in moving furniture,loading and unloading PODS and safely loading and unloading trucks.We often times get
request to simply rearrange your furniture inside of your home or business.With our dedicated movers,we will make this transition easy.Before we perform your job,we bring our internal equipment to protect your floors,exterior main entrance door and banister for your floating stairs.
Our neoprene floor runners will ensure your floors are protected in our frequently travelled paths.
Upon us securing an agreed moving date and our required deposit being received,we will waive the 
cost for shrink and tape to effectuate your move.This only applies to local moves that doesnt include packing services.We bring moving pads to wrap your furniture and ensure it is no wood on wood or metal on metal.Our dedicated Validated Movers LLC crew inspect all items to be moved prior to wrapping so if damage is there,we will not be held accountable for it.

Maybe you just need the heavy stuff moved we have done it all.We are trained movers that are trained and licensed.We have always vowed to stand by our customers'.We move safes,gun safes and pianos
so be not afraid.Please do not look for the wrong movers on craigslist.It may be fine occasionally
but not all movers are created equal.Who is responsible if something breaks?With our two decades of being in this industry it will manifest as soon as you see us work.Validated Movers LLC has proven time and time again that we are amongst the best in the areas we serve.

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